Past Workshops

Previous Work

Tie-Dye Drama is proud to have worked with a range of participants in the UK and abroad. Take a look at our previous work below.

Tea Leaf Vision

Tie-Dye Drama Workshop - Tea Leaf Vision

Tea Leaf Vision delivers education programmes to young people from the tea estates in Maskeliya, Sri Lanka. The estates are communities with high levels of deprivation. 

In 2014, we worked alongside Tea Leaf Vision, delivering workshops centred around issues including alcoholism, domestic violence and gender stereotypes.


After a month of workshops, the participants performed emotive and sensitive performances to staff and other students on the programme.

The performances were later taken into the wider community by students.

Child Action Lanka

Child Action Lanka works with children from disadvantaged backgrounds across Sri Lanka.

In 2014, we worked in Batticaloa, a region torn apart by war and the tsunami. Over several weeks, our workshops taught English language through drama, as well as providing the children with a much needed break from life’s struggles.


Alongside this, we ran a teacher training programme for the teachers in these communities, using drama to develop their English and providing them with activities to take back into their classrooms.

We secured funding through the Sam Griffiths Foundation to run these workshops in Sri Lanka.

Tie-Dye Drama Workshop - Child Action Lanka

Lauriston Lights

Tie-Dye Drama Workshop - Lauriston Lights

In 2015 and 2016, we worked alongside Lauriston Lights, a company who run holiday camps for 11-year-olds from low socio-economic backgrounds.

Our workshops focused on encouraging emotional and social wellbeing for the transition into secondary school.


Providing a safe space for discussion and reflection, we helped the young people develop the confidence and practical strategies to secure them for their years ahead.

The final performances were shared with the rest of the camp attendees and staff. 

Anti-Bullying Alliance

In 2015, we collaborated with the Anti-Bullying Alliance and were supported by Kidscape charity. We ran workshops in primary, secondary and SEN schools in the Midlands, North West and London. 


 Our focus was 'Make a Noise about Bullying' following the national theme. 

Pupils acted out different roles in situations where they might witness bullying. We explored the importance and role of the 'bystander' who could support and help others.  Our aim was to encourage empathy and to inspire the young people to change to take action.


The final performances were shared in assemblies with the rest of school and staff.  

Tie-Dye Drama Workshop - Anti-Bullying Alliance
Tie-Dye Drama Workshop - Theatre of Debate

Theatre of Debate

In 2016, we collaborated with The University of Manchester and Theatre of Debate, a theatre company producing plays about scientific ethics.


We trialled a brand new format of post-show workshops to be rolled out nationally.


Developing and delivering a programme of post-show workshops, our sessions explored awareness around obesity and promoted healthy lifestyles.

You can read more about our time at The University of Manchester here.

Mental Health Awareness

In 2017, we delivered drama workshops in primary, secondary and SEN schools, helping young people learn about how they can maintain positive emotional health.

These workshops helped students recognise and manage their emotions, whilst promoting positivity, self-belief and resilience.

Young people took part in a mix of drama and open discussion activities that encouraged them to rehearse for real life situations and develop vital coping strategies for challenges they may face, as well as teaching them how to support others.

Tie-Dye Drama Workshop - Mental Health Awareness